Bethany Children’s Home

Bethany Children’s Home

Bethany Children's Home
It is said that children are the future but sadly not every child is in a place where they are safe; where they are able to pursue their dreams and fulfil their God given potential.

In the villages spanning the vast hills of Northern Thailand, many of the villagers live in abject poverty. They are mainly from the Akha, Hmong, Lisu, Lahu and Yao hill tribes who survive on subsistence farming. Many young lives from these tribes are placed in danger when desperate families sell them into trafficking as a way of sustenance.


The Bethany Children’s Home (BCH) was founded under such circumstances to be a beacon of the LORD’s grace, hope and love. To the little ones of the hill tribes, we extend and reflect the love of our LORD Jesus Christ, avail provision, provide safety and security as well as shine the glorious light of Christ into their present and their future.

A non-profit organisation with a heart for the children, the home that began with the love of Christ at its heart continues to depend on Jesus for its every need.